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by stories, memorabilia and conversation


A critical report investigating how the Chinese diaspora in the UK tell their stories and avoid being misrepresented in film and photography. From personal moving image archives to theoretical journals, I explore the way cultural identity can be expressed authentically and how it develops my design practice.

The design of this publication is made with dragon scale binding, with 1.5cm increments. The cover photo is of my Mum’s plum flower tree, which often blossoms from Winter to Spring. It is a treasured flora species in China, described as the National Flower and it is used for food, medicine and beverages.  Since it often blooms amongst hard winter conditions, it is considered a symbol of resilience. The back is a photo of four-year-old me next to one of my Mum’s first fig leaf gourds, ready to be eaten at dinner time. 


printed on Awagami Kozo Murakumo White paper, 42gsm.

dimensions: 280mmx755mm

by stories, memorabilia and conversation.

by stories, memorabilia and conversation.

unit 10 final photos  (18 of 93).jpg
unit 10 final photos  (13 of 93).jpg
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