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Sofia and Noor


A brief interview with Sofia and Noor about their perception of being British-Pakistani siblings, and how their relationship with Islam is a significant factor in their cultural identity. 

Beautiful Errors


A photo series demonstrating the glamorization of unhealthy or damaging aspects of our life, and how we only see them as an error when we reflect on our past actions. The ambience of my images are dramatic and descends into a saturation of colour.

Additionally, I felt that I’d want to change a technique that I’d carry out when I work with images, and this is taking photos of other people. The reason why I wanted to work with self-portraiture is that I felt it would be an ‘error’ in the camera technique I am familiar with and would be a challenge to use a self-timer and achieve the desired shot

other team members: 

Leonidas Lioliis, Charles Woolridge, Ningyee Chow, Xiaomeng Ye

Transnational Sustainablity


A space where the stories of different people coming to live in the United Kingdom devise an intersectional map of sustainable practices. From South Korea, Lebanon, Greece, China, the Canary Islands in Spain and the world beyond, we celebrate what works and pinpoint what could work better on all ends of the map. Treating environmentalism as an education, we set out to de-stigmatise the lack of it and tackle Climate Change one person at a time!

here are some slides from the presentation of our outcome.

Lauren Groff's Florida


Using motifs from the 'Florida' short stories, I illustrated a glass aquarium containing a room, residing on the pavement adjacent to a Floridian beach, making the scenery overwhelming with clues from the novel.

The body text is displayed using the Athelas font, and I chose this because of its inspiration from British fine book printing. The typeface is constructed with graceful curves, making it easily legible for the readers.

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Future of Playgrounds


Reintroducing play into our residential streets, along with the urban edifices that consume much of the city space. Influenced by the era in which children could go out and play on the pavements, we make use of what exists today, such as the varying heights of our building, to build a smaller and more vivid world within a greyscale metropolis. Considering the mental health aspect of our daily lives, a quieter space is also developed throughout each proposed area. The playground structures can be placed anywhere; from a roof to the surface of the Thames, and this would in future encourage more enjoyable physical activity across children and adults.